The 10 cringiest moments in Taylor Swift’s new video


Don't get us wrong, we love us some Taylor Swift – but that doesn't mean some of the moments in her new video for Blank Space didn't leave us a little bit morto for her. 

That said, she more than makes up for it in amazing outfits. 

Here are the cringiest moments from the video for Blank Space:

1. When she had two white horses in her bedroom

2. When she tried to sexily walk down the stairs…the Taylor we know and love would have tripped

3. When she cycled a bike in her living room and looked waaay too happy about it

4. When she and her video boyfriend (Sean) played tag – as so many couples do

5. When she got super jealous of Sean texting and went batsh** cray-cray. As in, someone give her a job on Days of Our Lives (is that a real show?)

6. When she looked like a Real Housewife and made these *really dramatic* faces

7. When she squished an apple and it was Sean’s head – it's a metaphor, y'know?

8. When she wielded a golf club and looked insane…especially at the end

9. When she stood on a horse for no reason

10. When she *very very* dramatically stabbed a cake with a carving knife and blood came out of it

And finally, a bonus moment because it's too good to leave out. When Taylor ACTUALLY trips (as in, in real life) but they cut it right before boooo!

Let's face it – the video was all kinds of awesome. Just not in relation to poor T-Swizzle's questionable acting skills.