While we all LOVE Christmas movies, from A Wonderful Life to The Santa Clause and Love Actually, there have also been some travesties…

1. Fred Claus
We wanted to like this, but it proved to be impossible. 

2. Jingle All The Way
Not some of Arnie's finest work. 

3. Black Christmas
A scary Christmas movie…why?! There's college girls in it, obviously

4. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
Yes, this is an actual movie.

5. Four Christmases
Another terrible Christmas movie from Vince Vaughan…

6. Santa With Muscles
Hulk Hogan's finest work.

7. Deck The Halls
This one had a promising cast. But no. 

8. The Family Stone
The weirdest ending to a movie, ever. And so much hate – where's the Christmas cheer, Diane Keaton?

9. Surviving Christmas
Before he was Batman, Ben Affleck starred in this questionable movie.

10. Home Alone 3
Why would they ruin such a good thing like that?