Actress Hayden Panettiere has checked into a treatment facility for postnatal depression, her rep confirmed last night.

The Nashville star is "voluntarily seeking professional help at a treatment center as she is currently battling postpartum depression," according to a statement given to Us Weekly.

"She asks that the media respect her privacy during this time."

The 26-year-old, who is engaged to boxer Wladimir Klitschko, gave birth to her first daughter Kaya in December 2014.

Hayden recently spoke out about her experience with postnatal depression, in an attempt to reassure other women that they were not "alone or crazy." 

She added that there was a lot of fear and confusion surrounding the condition.

"It’s something that’s completely uncontrollable. It’s really painful and it’s really scary and women need a lot of support,” she said during a TV appearance last month.

Hayden also emphasised that the experience of postnatal depression can vary for different people.

"When [you’re told] about postpartum depression you think it’s ‘I feel negative feelings towards my child, I want to injure or hurt my child.' I’ve never, ever had those feelings," she said.

"Some women do. But you don’t realise how broad of a spectrum you can really experience that on."

Just four days ago, Hayden tweeted a positive message to fans, calling her daughter a "blessing" and saying she finally felt like she was "coming back in to my own body."

Wishing Hayden all the best with her treatment.