It’s the battleground that every couple knows only too well: just WHAT do you go to see in the cinema for date night?

Sometimes, you agree readily and easily on a newly-released flick… on other occasions, the discussion is rather more fraught.

And even when you do finally come to a settlement, there is always the possibility of that tetchy, unforeseen scenario: a sold-out screening.

It’s frankly enough to test even the toughest relationships.

Fear not, however! ODEON Cinemas has come up with a solution – namely its innovative Screen Unseen drive.

Audiences are asked to go to the cinema (nothing new there, granted)… the twist is they never know exactly what they’re going to watch upon arrival.

But ODEON always plans the screenings meticulously, showing movies that get people talking – something out-of-the-ordinary and just a bit edgy, like Whiplash, Nightcrawler, and Selma.

Last night, Me, Earl And The Dying Girl was shown – to great acclaim by those who took the plunge.

A nice bonus is that tickets cost just a fiver AND you’ll save hours arguing over what to go see with your other half.

So we say… trust your judgement and buy a cinema ticket blind. It’s a fantastic way to try something new too.

ODEON Cinemas are located throughout Ireland, so keep your ear to the ground for the next Screen Unseen event, logging on to the website and its Facebook page for more information.