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If you are constantly burning toast every single morning, we hear you. The dread of watching the slice pop up as a charcoal-covered mess can be somewhat awful. 

But then this ultra-modern design has been made. The contemporary toaster has been formed by Stumpf Studio, and is only a prototype for now, but the final product has some serious potential. 

It is fitted with bamboo wood and glass panels so you can see exactly how well-done your toast is. And there's even a touch screen timer and temperature metre for you to make your perfect piece of toast. 

Some are referring to the design as the Eco Toaster and it's in a series of sustainable kitchen appliances by James Stumpf.

We're just hoping it hits the market soon so we can kiss burnt toast goodbye!



Who doesn’t want to eat toast with their face on it?!

This is every narcissism person’s dream – a toaster that burns the image of your face onto a slice of bread.

Burned Impressions in Vermont are selling the selfie toaster for $75 so you can indulge your true narcissism! This is not the first toaster they have made – they are the proud creators of the Jesus toaster and the Rapture toaster.

All you need to do is send a high res photo of your beautiful to the company who will make your a custom selfie and send it out to you.

According to the company itself, “you don’t have to famous or Jesus to have your face on toast!” we’re loving their attitude!

Birthday present we think!