We all love our girly group chats. They mean we have advice on speed-dial and a guaranteed laugh whenever we need some distracting from our working day. It's almost impossible to remember life before them.

From the cheerleader, to the ghost and the meme-happy – we bet there's one of all of these girls in your group chat:

The Spammer

This girl is a multi-tasker. She somehow has time to keep the conversation going ALL day long, with snapshots of her day and screenshots of her boyf's convos. She drives you nuts at the wrong time, but when you're bored she's your saviour.


The Meme Hoarder

This woman doesn't speak in words, but rather sends perfectly placed meme's into all of your group chats. She literally has a meme or gif for EVERY occasion.


The Planner

If you even hint of a night out, this girl will have it all planned by lunchtime. Venue checked. Taxi booked. She has even organised the dress code.


The Gossip

She will have every single detail from a night out or weekend away – nothing goes past this one. Perfect if you couldn't go out on Saturday night. Not so perfect if you got absolutely legless on Saturday night.


The Ghost

This girl rarely replies to group conversations, so much so you sometimes forget she's even there. But she is. And she will pop up every now and then with a perfectly placed single-liner.


The Venter

She will always have some sort of problem going on with her boyfriend/sister/dog and thinks the group chat is her own personal agony aunt station.


The Cheerleader

This one is great for getting your whole group up and out. Her supportive shout-outs and clapping emojis are always there when you need a little pick-me-up too.