The Westin Hotel Dublin and Eason bookstores have just launched an innovative new service called Book Butler.

For those of you staying in the hotel and wanting to catch up on some reading at the same time, here’s the solution for you!

The Book Butler is a service where guests can take recommendations from the expert, order books from the comfort of their room and enjoy same day delivery all as part of the hotel concierge system.

With a number of recently refurbished ‘Library Suites’ already established within the hotel named after some of Ireland’s greatest writers, such as William Butler Yeats, Samuel Beckett and Oscar Wilde, the launch of the Book Butler was the logical next step.

Whether it’s the latest nail biting thriller, an Irish literary classic or a pop psychology best seller, The Westin Dublin, together with Eason, have devised the perfect service for guests travelling to the capital.

To use this service, all guests have to do is contact the concierge team, who will share their book recommendation and can have these delivered to the guests bedroom within a few hours.

If the hotel don’t have the specific book you are looking for, they will contact Eason’s and you will have the book before the day is out!