Ciara McDonnell, originally from Mullingar, is living in Toronto. On Wednesday night, she needed a lift home, so she used her taxi app Uber, and who pulled up to collect her, only Deadmau5!

Apparenly Deadmau5, AKA Joel Zimmerman, has a whole webseries called Coffee Run, which is about driving famous people to coffee shops. So perhaps all this time spent with celebrities made him yearn for the company of an average joe, and this was the reason he decided to become an UberX driver for the night – who knows!

The music producer and performer used his own car, the McLaren, to do the run too. Not too shabby, eh?

He obviously enjoyed his night as he later tweeted:

We wish someone would do this in Ireland…. Perhaps one or two of the Westlife lads are looking for a bit of extra cash?!