Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has announced that abortion services will be available in 60 GP clinics across the country. 

He feels that this will be a sufficient number to care for the number of women seeking the service every day. 

According to The Irish Times, the Taoiseach also said that no GP would be forced to perform an abortion, but under that circumstance, they must refer their patient to a GP who will. 

'What we can’t allow is this suggestion that a GP, if he doesn’t provide the service, would then refuse to refer their patient on to someone who would.

'Because essentially that is the equivalent of, ‘you’re on your own, love’ and we’re not going to have that in Ireland any more,' he said. 

Varadkar believes that up to six women a day will choose to medically end their pregnancies, and so 60 GP services will be enough for them to have the process be accessible. 

A further six women per day will choose termination by taking an abortion pill, and will not need treatment in hospital.