The cast and crew of Friday Night Lights will come together once again this June for a special reunion hosted by the 2016 ATX Television Festival, it has been announced. 

The Panther Field reunion will take place in a massive football field in Texas (appropriate) and will feature a pep rally and live music throughout the day. 

BUT, no one has been announced as attending yet so, you never know; it could end up being a full cast reunion OR there'll be a bunch of random people who we're kinda in the show like Becky's dad.

And anyway, in more reunion news, the TV festival is also planning a writers' room reunion with The O.C. (*screams*) creator Josh Schwartz.

A special reading of the pilot episode has been planned but again, no one knows who will show up just yet.

We're hoping Seth turns up and is just as geeky and cute (and hot) as he was before.