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Sinn Féin Deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald, has said said that repealing the 8th Amendment is “imperative and a priority.”

Her comments come after Sinn Féin was criticised after some of its most prominent members failed to take a formal role in last weekend's March for Choice because the views of the organisers go beyond that of the party.

A spokesperson said: “The march went beyond the party position. We are in favour of repealing the Eighth Amendment. However, our position on [what provisions will replace the current prohibition] does not go as far as the rally organisers.”

The political party previously stated it was in favour of abortion in cases of rape, incest and fatal foetal abnormality, and today, Mary Lou drove home that pro-choice message.

"I think the absolute imperative and priority is to repeal the 8th Amendment from the constitution," she said.

"My politics and my view is decidedly pro-choice, I will vote for and I will campaign for the repeal the 8th Amendment .

"That is the position of Sinn Féin."

An Oireachtas Committee is reviewing the recommendations of the Citizens' Assembly and are due to report by the end of the year, when the government will begin to work on the wording of the referendum.


Remember the last time you made a mammoth mistake in work and were forced to cover your face in shame as the rest of the world pointed and laughed?

Yeah, us neither, but that's because we're not the Australian news reporter who unwittingly revealed that they may need to brush up on their knowledge on political relations between the UK and Ireland.

In a tweet which has unsurprisingly gone viral, a reporter for Sky News Australia confirmed that not only did they think Sinn Féin was an actual person, but that he was also a member of the DUP.

Accompanying an image of Gerry Adams was a caption which read: "Democratic Unionist Party's Sinn Fein says he wil oppose any deal with UK Prime Minister Theresa May that undermines a 1998 peace deal."

And Twitter has obviously gone into meltdown.

"I'm a Northern Ireland native journalist and can't find full time paid work, but someone at Sky News Australia thinks Sinn Fein is a person," wrote Twitter user Aoife-Grace Moore.

Responding to that remark, one user joked: "When Sinn Fein hears about this, he will be livid" while another added: "I think it's short for Sinn Feinstein, and he's an old mate of Dee Youpee," 

And yep, the tweet has since been deleted.



Parents in their 50s have been shot and are currently in hospital – after trying to protect their son.

The man and the woman refused to hand over their child to a Northern Irish gang, and were subsequently shot in the legs by the gunmen.

It is understood that the perpetrators of the attack are paramilitaries based in west Belfast. 

They arrived at a house in the Turf Lodge area of the city yesterday evening at around 6.15pm, but the boy's parents bravely fought them off. 

A police source told RTÉ News: "The parents wouldn't give the son over so they were shot instead. There are a number of other lads in Belfast under similar threat at the minute."

The parents are currently in a stable condition at Royal Victoria Hospital.

A local Sinn Féin politician, Pat Sheehan, was adamant that none of the family are involved in any criminality.

"There can be absolutely no justification for these type of actions," he told RTÉ. "Whoever is responsible needs to stop these barbaric attacks immediately."



A letter dated today has confirmed that Martin McGuinness will step down from his position as Deputy First Minister this evening.

The Sinn Fein member will resign with "deep regret and reluctance" at 5pm today.

As confirmed by his party, Mr McGuiness's resignation is in protest at the Democratic Unionist Party's handling of a renewable energy scheme.

RTÉ reports that it is likely the move will prompt a snap election in the Northern Ireland Assembly. And independent.co.uk has stated that a "dangerous political crisis is now looming" in the region. 

His DUP counterpart, Arlene Foster, continues to refuse to resign over a lingering financial scandal – despite repeated calls to do so from various political fractions in Northern Ireland.

She is accused of badly bundling a major government scheme while she was an executive minister.

Dubbed the “cash for ash” scandal, an apparent loophole seemed to give businesses a financial incentive to burn fuel pointless; close to half a billion pounds is thought to have been misspent in the process.

Furthermore, there is some suggestion that Ms Foster tried to cover-up her involvement in the programme. 

She strongly denies any wrongdoing.