It looks like Simon Bird has grown up a lot since his days on The Inbetweeners as the comedian has revealed that he is now a father.

In an interview with Heat Magazine the actor admitted his wife of four years Lisa Owens gave birth to a baby boy six months ago.

During the joint interview with his Friday Night Dinner co-star Tom Rosenthal, the 31-year-old actor joked that his son is already “quite judgemental” after Tom said that Simon’s baby has a “slight judgemental air about him”.

Simon – who met his wife while preparing a script at Cambridge – then said: “He’s only six months old but I feel like he’s already patronising me.  It’s great.”

The Surrey native’s big break came when he was cast as Will McKenzie in E4’s hit show The Inbetweeners back in 2008.

He has since starred in the two Inbetweeners movies and Friday Night Dinner, as well as creating a comedy panel show called The King Is Dead for the BBC.