Popular culture has an obsession with sharks, whether it's Shark Week on the Discovery Channel or Katy Perry's finned backing dancers at the Superbowl. 

While we may be adapted to seeing them on screens, a sighting of one in Ireland is pretty rare. 

One clip is doing the rounds on Facebook, which shows a shark slithering through the waters of the Skerries harbour. 

The clip is currently going viral, with thousands of views.  


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The shark in the clip is thought to be a basking shark. 

Sailing coach Kerri-Ann Boylan, who captured the clip, told Dublin Live:

'As soon as I saw we all stopped for a minute and reacted to it and had a good gawk, luckily I was quick enough with my phone to get the video.

'It was in about two feet of water just off the slipway in Skerries harbour.'

'I’ve always been told growing up that basking sharks where harmless and it looked to be a baby one from what I’m told.'