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The beloved TV show, Girls, is in the midst of ending, ladies. *Sobs*. 

E! News has reported that sources close to the show say that the ending is nigh and will possibly be wrapping up after season six. 

It doesn't come as much of a surprise though, as Lena Dunham has previously said that she wants to leave it on a high note. 

"[We're] not in the business of running it into the ground," Lena told The Hollywood Reporter

"We would like to end in a graceful place. And we'd like to tell a complete story. What that means is that we really have to start building towards an end soon, creatively."

Season five isn't premiering until February, so you better get ready for some epic story lines in the next two seasons. 


If you're a Pretty Little Liars fan, it probably feels like you've been through it all with the girls.

The kidnapping, the murders, the reveals (remember when we thought Toby was A?!), but now, it seems like our road has come to an end with the liars.

In an interview with Variety, I. Marlene King, executive producer of the show, said that the show is going to end for GOOD after season 7. 

"I think that this story when we're back will end next year at the end of Season 7," she told the magazine.

And when the interviewer asked if she definitely wants to end it after the upcoming season, Ms King said, "correct."

Season 6B starts January 12, so it means we kinda only have a year and a half left with the girls. *Sob*