Secrets! This new Pretty Little Liars poster is giving away ALL the hints

Pretty Little Liars is by far one of our favourite TV shows at the moment, and we just LOVE trying to pick up on the hints and clues along the way. 

A new poster for the show has just been dropped on the Pretty Little Liars Twitter account and we are totally freaking out because it's dropping hints left, right and centre.

It shows Aria, Emily, Hanna, Ali and Spencer donning all-black outfits and dark shades as they walk through a cemetery carrying a CASKET. 

Who did they kill?!

The fact that the liars are carrying a casket seems to imply the possibility that there's going to be another death in the new season. Which isn't anything new considering at least two people die every season.

But the tagline of the poster – "Are you strong enough to carry your secrets?" – makes it feel super personal to the girls and maybe their secrets are being carried in that coffin. Hmm. 

Earlier this month, another poster was revealed on the PLL Twitter account and it shows the liars placed beside a car… that's filled with dirt. 

Are they burying their secrets or burying the person that's in that coffin? 

So many questions! January 12 can't come quick enough!