Rosie O'Donnell has come in for criticism after weighing in on the controversy surrounding Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey in recent days.

The 55-year-old actress and chat show panellist responded directly to Spacey's recent statement, where he claimed he has no recollection of an incident involving a then 14-year-old Anthony Rapp.

Dismissing Spacey's claims that he doesn't remember attempting to seduce the child star, Rosie wrote: "u don't remember the incident – 30 years ago? – f*ck u Kevin." (sic)

"Like Harvey we all knew about u – I hope more men come forward," she added. (sic)

While many of Rosie and Spacey's peers have been quick to condemn the latter in the last 24 hours, Rosie's contribution to the conversation has made her culpable in the eyes of many Twitter users.

"Why not say anything then if you knew or had heard stories? Very easy to call it out when it’s already out," responded one member of the public.

"You knew he was a paedophile & kept quiet? Good God," wrote another while someone else added: "Pretty sure that makes you complicit."

Rosie defended herself against the barrage of criticism by arguing it wasn't her responsibility to disclose the information.

 "Aint my secret – this is MEN IN POSITIONS OF POWER – from priests – to studio heads – fathers – teachers – it is the water we all swim in," she argued.