Rick Owens debuted his Cyclops collection at Paris Fashion Week yesterday and in doing so left plenty of people stunned- and also confused.

The show began innocently at first, one model strutted down the runway in an open sleeveless coat that left her black bra on display.

However, things then took a turn for the bizarre.

Models were walking down the runway wearing other models strapped to their bodies like one would wear a schoolbag.

Face-up, face-down or even upside-down, the models contorted themselves in the most unusual ways. Reports claim they were actually local gymnasts,which explains a little, but not a lot. 

iPhones were whipped out as fast as possible as crowds were reportedly shocked by the show, but also very much in love with the fashion.


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The designer told the New York Times where his idea came from and why he chose the Cyclops theme.

He writes: "A cyclops is a mythological creature, formidable with focused vision. Who among us wouldn’t appreciate that kind of description?”

We can’t argue with that, can we? He then continued:

“In the spring men’s collection, which shares the same name, that focused vision was propulsive and aggressive. When applied to women, I see that focused vision being more about nourishment, sisterhood, motherhood, and regeneration. “

He said that “women raising women” and “women supporting women” in the world of women is something he knows little about.

Just when we thought we had in-depth knowledge of the fashion world, human-backpacks arrive and leave us all really confused.