Kylie Jenner’s snapchat stories are forever giving us brief glimpses inside the life of the world’s most famous 17-year-old.

And in one of her latest snapchat videos the youngest Jenner can be seen showing off her teeny-tiny waist and… her potentially pumped up bum?

Although Kylie has admitted to having lip-fillers, she has kept totally silent on the questions surrounding whether she has had breast or bum implants.

But in this latest video, a friend of hers asks the awkward question. “Oh! Kylie, what is happen… Is that? Are you pumping it up? Like what’s going on?”

To which Kylie laughs and simply says “stop!”

The accompanying snapchat videos do also lead us to wonder just where Kylie got her insane body from. Aside from showing off her skinny waist, she also seems to be loading up on rice krispie squares and biscuits.

Wherever her skinny stomach and amazing curves are coming from, we have no doubt that Tyga thinks she looks beautiful.

A source told that Tyga “loves women with ample backsides,” and that “He’s told Kylie he wouldn’t mind if her booty got even bigger!”