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He very much made a name for himself as the long-term partner of Kourtney Kardashian, as well as a sometimes businessman and property developer.

However, it seems that Scott Disick is spreading his wings now and he and Kourtney have split: he's said to have turned his hand to… rapping.

Yes, the 32-year-old is flexing his musical expertise – all with the help of French Montana, the ex-boyfriend of Khloe Kardashian (they dated for eight months in 2014).

Earlier this week, French and his crew were at Mr Disick's swish Beverly Hills abode to put together a music video. 

An Instagram snap of the father-of-three on set has already emerged: it was posted on Thursday by a producer involved in the project.


Watching Play Back With @letthelordbewithyou @frenchmontana

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However, it seems that Scott was a lot more than, as had been previously presumed, a mere bystander.

Because reports this morning say that Moroccan-born French even allowed Scott to appear IN FRONT of the camera during the shoot.

And, not only that, he was RAPPING too.

As TMZ reports: "People who were there tell us Scott's actually good … one source says 'really good'."

A recording showcasing his talents has yet to emerge, but we reckon that his very own album is now surely in the offing. 



​A clip uploaded to youtube on Sunday, shows Hollywood actor Shia LaBeouf freestyle rapping in the park. 

The 29-year-old actor is topless and spotting a plait in his hair while a group of people have gathered around to listen to him. 

Shia even dissed the film franchise Transformers, rapping "Nah, none of that. Transformers is the dummy rap and I'm so past that, I want some new s***"

Shia has been sporting this bizarre hairstyle for the past few weeks and we're really not sure how we feel about it?

He was also in the news last week after injuring himself in a stunt for his new movie American Honey. Following the accident which saw him put his heat though a window, he got 20 stitches and 12 staples when he cut his head, ear and index finger. 

The star of the elastic heart music video, stars alongside Arielle Holmes in American Honey which is set for release in October of this year. 




Seriously, sometimes we just LOVE the internet.

Two days ago, a man uploaded footage to YouTube of his wife breakin' it down to Salt n Pepa and it is everything you could want.

She's got sass, she's got attitude and she's got no idea she's being filmed.

Letting out a horrified yelp when she realises she's been caught on camera, her obviously smitten husband can't hide his delight. 

Commenting on his wife's performance, the man said: "My wife is THE most beautiful human being I know and I absolutely adore the moments I get to watch her being herself."

The forty second clip has gotten over five and a half million views since the initial upload.

Major feel-good factor.