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Every day since her daughter’s birth, Kate Hudson has been wrapped up in her little girl’s sweet presence.

Baby Rani was welcomed into the world on October 10th by her parents, Kate and Danny Fujikawa.

Her whole family cannot get enough of how adorable she is, and neither can we!


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Her mum recently shared a precious mother-daughter moment on her Instagram.

In the photo, she is holding Rani in her arms and giving her a gentle kiss on her forehead.

“Love is not an emotion, it’s your very existence”, the mum said.


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One mum knew exactly how Kate felt and commented on the shared picture.

“To have a daughter is giving someone you love all of your history. She has her mother, your mother and her grandmother in her…priceless”.

But Kate isn’t the only one who has been doting over her daughter, her two sons Ryder and Bingham have as well.

14-year-old Ryder recently shared snaps of him and his little sister together, smiling as he looks down at her tiny features.



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“The LOVE that just glows from his face! She will be a very protected little girl,” raved one fan.

There is nothing like the bonds of siblings and the love from parents, and the Hudson clan have certainly learned that this year.

Little Rani appears to be completely content in her mother’s arms as Kate cherishes each of these precious first moments.



On October 2nd, Kate Hudson gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Now, a mum-of-three, she is treasuring those precious newborn moments with little Rani.

The actress shares her daughter with partner Danny Fujikawa.


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This is his first time being a father and nothing shows that more than Kate’s heartwarming home video of him and Rani together.

It is giving us all the feels!

Taking his little girl in his arms, he cannot pull his gaze from her tiny face. He lingers over each of her features – her button nose, chubby cheeks, and baby soft skin.

The doting dad cannot believe that he can call this precious human his own.


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Kate captured the adorable moment on camera and was swept away by her partner's unconditional love.

“Kind, beautiful man,” she said. “Your pure love is such a gift.”

The mum is already calling her baby a daddy’s girl.

They are serious #famgoals.


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Kate’s other two children, sons Ryder and Bingham, are excited to have a younger sister now too.

Congratulations to Kate and Danny on the newest addition to their family, and we are so jealous of how cute little Rani is.