A quick glance a Katy Perry’s Twitter profile confirms that the singer is well and truly “with her”, but it’s her ability to demolish Hillary Clinton’s opponent in two words that’s got everyone’s attention.

Amid the stream of ridiculous statements which flowed so naturally from Donald Trump’s mouth during Sunday night’s presidential debate was a boast about his 25 million strong social media following.

“Tweeting happens to be a modern day form of communication, you can like it or not like it,” said the potential president.  

“Between Facebook and Twitter, I happen to have almost 25 million people, it’s a very effective way of communication.”

Choosing to highlight Trump’s childishness, one NBC journalist tweeted: “They say the best way to appear Presidential is bragging about your Twitter follower count.”

To which Katy – who just happens to be the most popular person on Twitter with more than 93 million followers – responded: “Measly numbers.”

The Roar star polished off the now viral statement with a nail varnish emoji.


GIFs: giphy.com