Everyone and their granny knows the Playboy mansion and its reputation for throwing the most lavish and, erm, erotic parties in Hollywood.

But it seems that all of it might be coming to an end soon. TMZ has reported that Hugh Hefner is selling the Playboy Mansion, with an asking price of €200 million.

The 29-room home sits on nearly five acres of land across the hills of LA, and is going to be listed in the next month, sources say.

But, it doesn't mean it's the end. If Hugh decides to sell the house, it would be under a stipulation, meaning Hugh will be able to live in the house as a condition.

The house as first built in 1927 and the entrepreneur bought the house back in 1971 for only €1m.

The mansion has also appeared in numerous TV shows and movies including Entourage, The House Bunny and Sex and the City.