Place mats are not just for sitting under your plate – they’re actually pretty handy if you want to decorate your home on the cheap.

Most of them cost less than your bus fare and come in really funky colours and designs. You can pick some up in IKEA from just €0.85, so you can go wild.

Wall art
Pick up four place mats – you can use varying colours or stick to the same ones. All you need to do is fix them to your wall in a creative design or pop them into frames for alternative wall art. The floral one (below) from IKEA would be so pretty on your wall.

Pop of colour
If you fancy a pop of colour around your house, grab a couple of fabric mats and drape them over your sofa or use as a centre piece on your table.

Mouse pad
Add colour to your work or study life by investing in a laminated place mat for under your mouse. Amazing.

Now you have no excuse not to have a fun home, even if you don’t have a huge budget.


L – r: IKEA €0.85, IKEA €1.45, IKEA €3.50, IKEA €2.25