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Giant pandas could be on the brink of extinction, despite what conservationists claim.

According to a new study in the journal Ecological Modelling, scientists from Beijing Forestry University, found that panda habitats have become so fragmented that there is a "very high" chance of extinction.

The International Union of Conservation of Nature recently claimed that pandas were no longer officially "endangered," but rather, more "vulnerable" to extinction.

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The IUCN also changed the animal's level to "high risk", as opposed to "very high" as stated previously.

The study found that only 55 per cent of panda groups have less than ten members, and only 33 per cent had more than 30 – this is seen as the minimum number to ensure the population's survival.

The research paper read: “We cannot just focus on the overall number of wild pandas and the total area of habitat, ignoring habitat fragmentation and population isolation.

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“The giant panda survival crisis is complicated because of the co-existence of protection and interference.

“Habitat fragmentation and human disturbance were the most important factors that negatively affected ecosystem stability and increased the survival risk of pandas.

"Thus, panda survival crisis remains serious,” the paper added.

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Here at SHEmazing!, we aim to please. 

So what better way to kickstart your day then with a bunch of pictures of baby pandas at the creche. 

At the Chengdu Research base in China, there is a daycare facility which aims to breed pandas in order to counteract the rapidly dwindling population of the species around the world. 

Can you imagine a world without pandas? Because we can't. 

These baby pandas are so special because breeding pandas takes a serious amount of time. 

Female pandas are only able to conceive for two to three days a year and even then they can only give birth to one cub every 12 months.

So yeah, you can see why it is difficult to keep revitalise the panda population. 

Thankfully the Chendu centre exists to help with this problem and make sure our world remains fluffy, cute and panda-ful. 



This poor zookeeper has his hands full with this troublesome duo of baby pandas!

In what may be the world's cutest, fluffiest and furriest struggle, the zookeeper tries his best to give the baby pandas their medicine…and it's hilarious!