We all love our dogs, and might get them a nice new toy or a tasty bone for Christmas (if they don't pull down the Christmas tree in the mean time, that is).

Emma Buttarazzi is on another level when it comes to spoiling her pooch, and this year spent a whopping €5870.00 on Christmas presents for her Chinese crested pup, Prince.

We wouldn't even spend that much on our boyfriends to be honest, never mind our dogs.

Her high-end haul includes a personalised Swarovski crystal throne for her pup costing a whopping €2346.00, three custom made designer suits retailing at €300 each, and a plethora of toys, beauty supplements and tasty treats.

Emma, who runs a luxury pet website called Glamour Petz, has spent over €23,466.00 on Prince's lavish lifestyle.

“Nothing is too good for Prince and I love to spoil him at Christmas. He’s one of the family,” Emma told the Mirror.

"Prince loves being the ­centre of ­attention. He loves dressing up. I like to spoil him. I work hard and this is how I like to spend my money.”

The hairless dog has over 200 ensembles in his custom built wardrobe, and enjoys a healthy diet of freshly prepared steamed turkey and chicken, organic vegetables, scrambled eggs, coconut water, and herbal teas. 

That's one spoilt little puppy.