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Having an oily face can be a pain, especially when your make-up doesn’t last longer than a couple of hours. Fortunately, we have found the secret to ensuring your make-up stays put and yes, we will share it with you – you can thank us later.

Wash your face with an oil-reducing cleanser

This will help to decrease the amount of oil on your face.

Use a primer

A primer will help to mattify your skin and will give your make-up something to cling to so it will stay on longer.

Choose an oil-free foundation

If you have oily skin you need to choose an oil-free foundation. Try to pick up one that contains silica as it will soak up excessive oil throughout the day.

Invest in a settling spray

After you have applied your make-up, spritz a little settling spray onto your face to ensure it stays put.

You’ll be shine-free all day!



Women have a habit of over-thinking everything: “I hope the heaters are off”, “I wonder if I turned off the telly”, “I better go home to a tidy kitchen” – it’s endless really!

Since it’s in our nature to question things, it’s not surprising we do the exact same when we stay over at his for the first time.

Here are some of the things every woman thinks the first time she sleeps over:

  1. What if he snores?
  2. What if I snore?
  3. I hope I don’t wake up to an oily face.
  4. When do I take off my make-up?
  5. He better have hot water in the morning.
  6. Why didn’t I bring my pjs?
  7. I’m starving, but I don’t want to seem I’m a hassle.
  8. What I fart while I’m sleeping?
  9. I hope he brushes his teeth before bed.
  10. What will I do if I wake up before him?