How to ensure your make-up stays put on oily skin


Having an oily face can be a pain, especially when your make-up doesn’t last longer than a couple of hours. Fortunately, we have found the secret to ensuring your make-up stays put and yes, we will share it with you – you can thank us later.

Wash your face with an oil-reducing cleanser

This will help to decrease the amount of oil on your face.

Use a primer

A primer will help to mattify your skin and will give your make-up something to cling to so it will stay on longer.

Choose an oil-free foundation

If you have oily skin you need to choose an oil-free foundation. Try to pick up one that contains silica as it will soak up excessive oil throughout the day.

Invest in a settling spray

After you have applied your make-up, spritz a little settling spray onto your face to ensure it stays put.

You’ll be shine-free all day!