Good news!

You might soon be able to fly across the Atlantic for €60. No, Ryanair didn’t make any secret announcements, in fact Norwegian Air have beat the budget airline to it.


The CEO of the European airline Bjørn Kjos told Reuters this week that his company is exploring nonstop flights from the US to Europe for as little as €60.

“It’s absolutely in the works,” Anders Lindström, a Norwegian spokesman, confirmed to The New York Post.

They are hoping to offer one-way tickets from Europe to the US from as early as 2017. Europe's third-largest budget airline, is considering sending flights from Edinburgh and Bergen, Norway to the US.

So, all of those daydreams about strolling down fifth avenue with hands full of shopping bags could someday be a reality.

The airline said that while no decisions have been made on which European airports it would operate from, its existing operations at Gatwick, Manchester, Edinburgh and Birmingham would "naturally be the first destinations to consider operating from," according to The Telegraph.

Not exactly as straightforward as flying direct from Shannon or Dublin, but those prices are definitely something.

The proposal is part of the airline’s plans to cut their prices in order to compete with the airlines which currently dominate the market on Atlantic flights.

However, they aren’t the only airline trying to make getting across the Atlantic more budget friendly.

Iceland's Wow Air recently offered one-way fares between Boston and Paris for €88.

Bargain! If we could get to Paris for a fiver that is…