Hurrah! A doll has finally been released based on realistic body proportions and the public are DYING to get their hands on it!

The Lammily doll, which has also been called the ‘normal’ Barbie, is a true-to-life depiction of real life women and the quirks and features that help shape them.

Sporting tattoos, freckles, acne, stretch marks and even the ability to blush, this doll, now available to purchase online, is certainly a welcome change!

Motivated to see what a Barbie would like with average body proportions, graphic designer turned toymaker Nickolay Lamm set about designing her based on data and statistics from the Centres for Disease Control.

Commenting on the groundbreaking creation, Nickolay says: “I wanted to show reality is cool. I knew it was either going to bomb or blow up!”

Attempting (and succeeding!) to challenge beauty stereotypes, Nickolay has officially delivered the type of doll that should have been on the market for years!