Yup… we all know the feeling: heading back to work after a hollier is like the Sunday night fear times a million.

It's brutal, in fact.

There you are, just admiring your sun-kissed glow when you realise that your only clothes are bikinis and shorts, not to mention that there is NO food for breakfast – never mind for your packed lunch the next day. 

And now – quelle surprise! – Aer Lingus has confirmed what we suspected all along: 40 percent of adults suffer from post-holiday blues. 

The company released the figures today – and 44 percent of the same 1,000 surveyed individuals said that 'the fear' of returning to work is the worst symptom of their post-holiday come-down. 

It furthermore takes pretty much everyone (nine out of ten people) a full two weeks to 'get over' their holiday and return to regular emotional health. 

Still, two-thirds of those asked reported that they alleviated their gloom by… simply booking another holiday. 

Aer Lingus released the figures to coincide with its Need Another Holiday Sale which starts at midnight tonight. 

This sale includes flights to Britain from €20, mainland Europe from €30 and North America from €209. 

And given that more than seven out of ten folk in the same report agreed that travelling abroad improves their mental well-being and general happiness… We're off to plan our next holiday!

The sale runs from September 14 on aerlingus.com.