“Tramp”: Dan Osborne’s family lash out at Megan Tomlin


Dan Osborne's recent arrest scandal doesn't look set to die down anytime soon.

The TOWIE star just welcomed a baby girl with his  girlfriend, actress Jacqueline Jossa, but he was also recently put under police investigation after shocking audio footage was leaked of him threatening his ex, Megan Tomlin.

Now Dan's family's opinion on the matter has come out – and it's not pretty.

Dan's father Jim Osborne is said to have called Megan, the mother of Dan's son Teddy, a "tramp" and "one hundred per cent scum."

In the now-deleted Facebook post, Jim brands Megan as "scum," saying, "Pure 100% scum of the earth. Tramp, great role model… Nasty, horrible little people who think they are clever trying to use violence on a good man, tut tut, you should be ashamed of yourself."

The revelation comes just days after Dan made a heartfelt apology about the audio leak, saying he was "truly sorry to anyone who was offended by what they heard" and that he was "taking steps to resolve" his family situation "to achieve the best outcome for my son."

No charges were made regarding the audio, in which Dan reportedly threatened to stab Megan if she slept with another man and told her, "Go f**k yourself." However Megan's name has been placed on a domestic violence list meaning any calls to police from her address will be given high priority.