We all have our ultimate, so-wrong-it's-right, pure indulgence food: no, it's not pretty and no, you're not proud of it… but needs must.

For example, a chicken burger mashed into a baguette, topped with chips, sealed with mayo and finished off in the George Foreman sounds horrific – but then, who are we to judge?

Still when SHEmazing! spotted a new fast-food-cum-pizza trend online, we felt a line had been crossed. In fact, even we were oh-so horrified by the concept.

The meal involves a pizza base, tomato sauce, mountains of shredded mozzarella – and your favourite items from the menu at McDonalds.

Here, we take you through it all… prepare to be disgusted (or possibly very intrigued):


Get your ingredients together: McDonalds fries, chicken McNuggets, and a couple of cheese burgers, as well as plenty of grated cheese, a pizza base and tomato sauce:


Top the base with sauce to taste, and then setlle your fast-food items on top:


Continue piling high until all the McDonalds menu of your choosing is arranged on the base:


Next, you'll need to smoother the whole thing in LOTS of cheese:


Then pop in a pre-heated oven for around 25 minutes – 190C should do it:


Remove and eat immediately – pretending to be horrified but all the while feeling strangely satisfied: