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As one-fifth of one of the biggest boybands of the noughties, it seemed as though Westlife star Mark Feehily had it all.

However, opening up in his most candid interview yet, the singer admits that having to hide his sexuality made his boyband days some of the hardest of his life.

Recalling those difficult times during an interview with Attitude magazine, the 34-year-old gave an insight into the extent of his struggles.

“During some of the lowest points I absolutely felt that I was never going to be able to come out. I used to just stay in my hotel room. I’d be there for hours, days sometimes, and I had no motivation to go outside,” he admitted.

Mark, who publicly revealed he was gay back in 2005, added: “I became depressed. People think, ‘Sure, he’s living the life of Riley in a massive band, how could he have any problems?’ But there has to be a balance, and back then my career life was fulfilled, but my personal life was a total shambles. I used to just crave companionship and love.”

The star, who launched his solo career last month, heartbreakingly admitted that keeping his sexuality a secret led to some dark moments.

“It gave me a sense that I would never be happy, a kind of dead-end feeling. And yes, if I am totally honest, my mind went to some very dark places,” he added.

Thankfully, Mark appears to be in a much better place now. We cannot wait to hear his solo material.



Former Westlife star Mark Feehily has been voted the 55th sexiest man in the world by gay magazine Attitude. However, the pop star revealed that he wasn’t always so comfortable in his own skin, and he still struggles with his weight:

“I was chubby in school so was always self-conscious. Westlife helped as there were always complements flying in.

“Nowadays I’ve settled into myself and have good days and bad days… During the second half of my teens, I was struggling to deal with my sexuality and was chubby so that was a big challenge.

“But I was a good singer and I used to win lots of tennis tournaments so it was a roller-coaster, like many teen lives.”

Apparently Mark spent €3000 on a week-long stay at a French weight loss retreat after putting on weight since Westlife split, but that’s not to say he isn’t happy with life at the moment: “But in general I wouldn’t really change anything. I’m happy with what I got.”

Though his Westlife days are behind him, Mark still has ambitions in the music industry. He outlines his hopes for the future:

“To continue to make music, I want to be proud of each and every thing I do from this moment on regardless of chart positions.

“But in saying that, I’m driven and want to be successful too, so those two things combined would be the goal!”