If you found yourself listlessly waiting on a green line Luas for longer than usual this morning, it's due to the fact Gardaí were forced to remove a disruptive passenger from a tram at the Beechwood stop shorty after 7am.

According to The Irish Times, Luas staff requested the assistance of the Gardaí after a member of the public refused to stop filming members of staff.

Under Luas bylaws, the "use any camera or video recorder or any form of equipment for recording sound or images so as to interfere with any other person" is not permitted while travelling on the city's tram system.

It has been established that the same individual had also been caught filming Luas staff members yesterday.

According to a spokeswoman for Luas operator, Transdev, the passenger also attempted to knock the leap card reader from the ticket inspector's hand before being removed by Gardaí at the Beechwood stop in Ranelagh.

The incident caused a 15 to 20,minute delay on the green line this morning.