No Eurosaver cheese burger for us, no siree – McDonald's is about to get seriously fancy, all with an Irish twist too.

Yes, the fast food chain is releasing its limited edition McMó​r, and it's arriving THIS Wednesday.

Branded as an "Irish artisan burger," it includes Ballymaloe relish and Charleville cheddar cheese and will be available in all 88 McDonald’s restaurants across the country for a limited, six week period.

As well as the relish and cheese, there is also the McMó​r's potato-flaked bun to look forward to, as well as 100 percent Irish beef and bacon, shredded cabbage, and whole baby leaf kale.

It's been in development for more than a year too and today McDonald's said in a statement: "We’re delighted to launch the McMór – and to be collaborating with great Irish producers to create our first ever Irish artisan burger."

Other limited edition items to hit restaurants around the world include the McLobster, available seasonally in parts of the US and Canada; the McHotDog; the McLean Deluxe, a reduced fat offering, and the chain's black burger – a squid-ink infused, Halloween-themed delight occasionally on offer in Japan.