Unless they're a particularly close friend or relative, it's difficult to muster up enthusiasm for the grainy ultrasound images which are appearing on our social media feeds with increasing frequency.

While we're thrilled for the happy mum or dad-to-be, we'd by lying if we said we could see more than a blurry outline nestled among even blurrier blobs.

(And no, we definitely can't see the similarity to your cousin Mick.)

But at the same time, we're generally able to see the difference between an ultrasound and a popular Italian dish…unlike one woman on Facebook whose recent remark is now going viral.

That lasagna looks crisp…

After spotting an upload, she made the mistake of offering her opinion only to be told she had mistaken a foetus for a family dinner-time favourite.

Beneath an ultrasound on her newsfeed, she wrote: "That lasagna looks crisp" to which the person responsible for the upload replied: "That's my daugher."

And if you need us, we'll be lying in a darkened room.