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In her two years on earth Kim Kardashian’s first-born, North West, has accomplished more than most of us ever will.

As if mastering Snapchat and being declared a style icon wasn’t enough, the toddler now has her own personalised set of emojis.

Last night her reality star mother took to Instagram to reveal her latest set of kimojis – that’s Kim Kardashian emoji – and a North West side-eye collage was among them.

North isn’t the only family member to feature in the new collection – there’s also a number of different Kanye kimojis (because one just isn’t enough) and a green-haired Kylie Jenner emoji too.


As for Kim herself, there’s a slightly more racy image: a topless Kim with her middle finger raised which could be a reference to her topless selfie controversy earlier this year.

Although the rest of the collection has yet to be revealed, various reports have speculated that other celebrity faces could be among them, including Zayn Malik’s.

We can't wait!



We have a crying Kim emoji and an emoji of her luscious derrière but just when we thought we had seen it all, we have a brand new set of Kimojis to peruse. 

And of course, they are even more ludicrous than the first batch. 

The new range includes animated gif-like emojis (called Kimogifs, of course) of Kim on a stripper pole as well as her smacking the life out of her sisters. 

"KIMOJI has been completely redesigned & is now available on iOS & Android! There's also brand new KIMOGIF animations," said Kim on Twitter

Woo Hoo?! 

How iconic do you have to get before you actually have a range of emojis we wonder? 

Watch the video below for a snapshot of the new releases:



We all wish we had the millions that the Kardashians have, but one thing we wouldn't do with the money is make our own emojis.

Well, Kimmy K thought a range of her own emojis, creatively called Kimojis, would be a great idea to launch as a Christmas gift.

The reality star took to Instagram last night to announce the range, which will include emojis of her bum, boobs (yes, her bare boobs), her crying face (we all know the one) and even her naked pregnant body. 

The 35-year-old captioned her IG post,"KIMOJI'S APP LAUNCHES TOMORROW!!!"

There really is no stopping Kim Kardashian! And if she has her own emojis, we can only imagine what's coming up next.