For professional athletes, there's nothing more rewarding than winning an Olympic medal.

For many competitors, years of hard work and determination go into competing in the Olympic Games, so you can understand the utter joy that this woman felt when she received the news she won a medal… nine years later.

Yes, British heptathlete, Kelly Sotherton, discovered today that she has been upgraded to a heptathlon bronze medal after testing revealed that Russian athlete, tatyana Chernova, was using steroids at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Kelly retired from competing five years ago, but left the Olympic circuit with two medals to her name.

She first won a bronze medal in the 2004 Athens Games for the heptathlon, which is a track and field combined event made up of seven courses.

And now she has been upgraded to a bronze medal for the 2008 Olympic 4x400m relay.

The accomplished athlete took to social media to share the moment she found out the news, and fans have been congratulating her since: