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When two people come together to merge as a new family, it's an emotional time, especially if one person has children who need to adapt to a new parental role model in their life.

It's never easy; a mix of impressionable personalities trying to adjust to a new family dynamic. 

Someone who knows all about this is TV presenter Jeff Brazier and his sons, Bobby and Freddie. They've all had to adjust as they heartbreakingly lost their partner and mum nine years ago.


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Jade passed away from cervical cancer back in 2009, and Jeff has always worked to keep the reality star’s memory alive for his beloved boys, and tried to do everything he could to give them a stable and happy family life. 

The boys celebrated a wonderful milestone as Jeff married Kate Dwyer. She has shared the first photos of the happy day, and she said how thrilled she was that they were all a family. Jeff's two sons, thirteen and seventeen, also thanked Kate for making their father so happy. 

"Dad always said, 'I want to get married one day – I want to find a nice girl.' And he’s found that girl who he’s going to live with for the rest of his life," thirteen-year-old Bobby said.


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"Jeff is the most amazing man I have ever met and I could not wait to be able to call him my husband," Kate told Hello in an exclusive interview. She adorably said that walking towards Jeff and his sons was a "once in a lifetime moment."

Jeff beamingly said he was thrilled to marry his now-wife, and thanked Kate for making their beautiful wedding "a really special one."

"I’m so happy to marry Kate, who has brought so much stability to my life,’ Jeff said. ‘This isn’t just any wedding, this is a really special one. It doesn’t just represent Kate and I putting rings on each other’s fingers. It represents the fact that we won at something really tricky. We won at becoming a family."


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He paid tribute to his wife and said she completed the family and gave his sons a real sense of belonging. 

"Before it was just three boys rattling around in a house on our own, trying to get through life. Then Kate came along and worked so hard at making us complete. She hasn’t just completed one person, she’s completed a family and given three boys a real sense of belonging," he added.

Congratulations to the family on their gorgeous day! 



Looks like Una Healy isn’t the only one who is getting sentimental about their child’s first day at school as Jeff Brazier has been proving on Twitter.

The youngest son of Jeff and the late Jade Goody heads off for his first day at senior school today but it doesn’t seem to be phasing the youngster.

11-year-old Freddie was the one calming his dad’s nerves as the TV presenter told his half a million followers on Twitter.

“Fred – ‘I don’t need to be scared because I look smart and can just be myself’.”

And the proud dad later shared an update with his followers as Freddie’s first day seemed to be going well.

“So now both are in senior school, the beauty of having a kids’ football team, Fred had some older boys to walk him in and show him where to go”.

After their mum, Jade died in 2009 when the boys were just five and four years old, Jeff made sure to keep the boys out of the limelight but in recent years the pair have become more of a feature on their dad’s Instagram.


Anniversaries can be overwhelming right? Pick a day each month to remember that person, dictate yourself to grief, then grief won't consume you.

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Next month will mark seven years since TV personality Jade Goody tragically died from cervical cancer, and today her husband Jack Tweed shared a heartbreaking tribute.

The couple married on February 22, 2009, exactly a month before Jade's death. On the day they married, Jade sadly discovered that her cancer had spread and become terminal.

"Married this angel seven years ago today," Jack reminisced on Instagram next to a snap of himself and Jade, who had lost her hair from chemo by that stage.

The pair began dating in 2006 when Jack was just 19, and he spent various spells in prison during their three year relationship.

Prior to meeting Jack, Jade dated fellow TV personality Jeff Brazier, with whom she had two sons, Bobby, now 12, and Freddie, now 11.

Jeff, now a life coach, spoke last year about how has tried to keep the boys' mum's memory alive – but admitted it hasn't always been easy.

"On the 15th of each month that's 'mummy day'. We can talk about her obviously at any time and we do, but the 15th of the month means we are particularly focused on it.

"It's hurting them more not to talk about it than it is to actually put it down on paper and do something with it."