She has a trio of Italian greyhounds, and a long-haired dachshund as well as sharing a rare-breed bulldog (reportedly worth tens of thousands) with her on-off rapper beau Tyga.

But it seems that Kylie Jenner is happy to add to her pack: she's just been given ANOTHER new pup.

Turning 19 next week, it is believed that the small tri-colour pooch is a birthday present from her BFF Jordyn Woods.

Her current crop of greyhounds are christened Sophia, Norman, and Bambi. Then her dachshund is called Odie, and the bulldog named Rolly.

This time, Kylie has settled on Penny as the moniker for her latest canine.

Unsurprisingly, the reality TV star has been posting numerous Snapchats of Penny… all of which we have to say are SERIOUSLY cute.

The almost 19-year-old (her birthday is on August 10) regularly reveals on social media that she misses her animals when she's away travelling and certainly she's known as a major animal-lover.

Earlier this year – while responding to suggestions of animal cruelty by online observers – Ms Jenner gave insight into the pampered lives her dogs lead.

Posting a two-minute video entitled K-9 Care to her website, she revealed that her pets eat a purely organic diet, drink only filtered water, have two walks a day, regular pamper sessions and constant human companionship.

Kylie furthermore has an adopted rabbit named Bruce.