There's playing with your food (which obviously your mammy told you to never do), and then there's turning it into something great – a skill one New Yorker has definitely mastered.

Jessie Bearden is a 23-year-old Instagram artist who uses everyday seasonings, sauces and snacks to create incredible portraits of her favourite famous faces. 

What in particular recently caught our eye? A portrait of Caitlyn Jenner, 65, made using Wheaties – the same cereal for which the then Bruce Jenner did promotional work for in the aftermath of the 1976 Olympics.

Below, SHEmazing! takes a tour of the best that Jessie has to offer online. Make sure to look at her Instagram account too.



Caitlyn Jenner is created from breakfast cereal:


A spaghetti John Lennon:


Chocolate and coffee flavoured ice creams make for a great Rihanna:


A sugary Adam Levine of Maroon 5:


This Jay Z was made from mustard and ketchup:


Sergeant Pepper: The Beatles – as created by salt and pepper:


And John Lennon courtesy of a bagel and cream cheese:


Still the king! A sticky, Hershey's syrup Elvis:


Jimi Hendrix is brought back to life with popcorn:


Beyonce combined with coloured frosting: