Unfortunately not everyone is born with big beautiful eyes. Luckily, this look can be created with a few beauty tricks.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Line your lower lids with a white or shimmery liner. This will open your eyes up and make them stand out. Avoid using black because dark colors usually have an opposite effect.
  • Curl your lashes, no matter how short they are – this step is key to making your eyes look bigger.
  • Keep your eyebrows nice and neat. This will ensure that everyone’s focus is on your eyes instead of your not-so-groomed brows.
  • Get arty and line the top lash from the midpoint of your eye to the outer edge. With a flick you will draw attention to the outer parts of your eyes and make the rest appear bigger.
  • Highlight  your inner corners. This is a timeless way to give you bigger and brighter eyes.