Do you have plans for the next four weeks?

Well now you do because there are Christmas markets all around the country that you need to visit. 

We are already stupidly excited about the arrival of the GIANT 15 metre tree that has arrived in Dublin for the festive season. Now we’re even more eager to spread the Christmas cheer because… Christmas markets.


Dublin's Custom House Quarter will be transformed in order to host the I Believe Festival, which is running from November 26 to December 23. 

Along with an appearance from Santa (of course) the “chalet style village” is going to offer amazing food and craft stalls so those last minute shopping trips won’t seem so bad.  Also, this will be the home of that massive tree, so basically everything you love about Christmas in one place.


Grab your Lederhosen! Galway's Christmas market is offering a range of traditional fare this year. The market has 50 stalls takinh over the central square, with an amazing mix of food, crafts and festive activity.

Live entertainment is a big part of the festivities here, with choirs galore. And naturally, a souvenir-sized German beer tent sits at the heart of it all, offering Bavarian brews, salty pretzels, sauerkraut and more. Robbie Henshaw will be on hand to kick-off the festival on Friday 20 November.


Limerick's Milk Market is the best spot for Christmas activity for visit for two reasons: 1) ALL of the food and 2) the all-weather canopy covering.

If we’re being honest Irish Christmas markets are more likely to be caressed by rain than snow, so that canopy is a big plus. Also, the stalls packed with artisan foods are there all year round but when Christmas arrives they pull out all the stops. Just try the special festive fudges and you’ll understand.


Stalls are basically packed around Belfast’s City Hall, with a fab range of food, drinks, crafts and titbits available from Europe and beyond.

There is also a special post box whisking post off to the North Pole (get there before Dec 17). Also, brunch lovers should keep St. George’s Market – open all year round – in mind.


Not to be outdone, Cork's Glow festival promises to be an amazing Christmas event. This year includes Ireland's largest Ferris wheel… winning. 

The market on Grand Parade has the usual festive food and craft stalls (don't forget to pop into the English Market across the road for a little Christmas nibble).

The highlight of Cork's celebrations though is the transformation of Bishop Lucey Park. The park is to become a Victorian pop-up storybook throughout Glow, with 3D scenes from 'Twas the Night Before Christmas set to create a very ethereal vibe. So you are basically in your own Christmas fairytale.