We have to admit that even though it seems hella lazy, we've all had nights when we just don't want to answer the door to the delivery man.

Sometimes, we don't even want to ring up a restaurant to give our order, so this will come in handy for… well, for hangover days, hectic days, period days, or any other day that you just feel a little lazy.

Domino's has announced its 'door-livery' innovation, which a Heatwave Letterbox being installed into your door, that will keep your order fresh for up to 12 hours.

Domino's will deliver your pizza even if you're not there, so it will still be piping hot for when you get home.

And you can even choose the style of your new Heatwave Letterbox, which include finishes such as ice chrome, slick nickel and classy brassy.

Would you be interested in this? We totally would. Too bad it's an April Fool's joke.