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Anna Geary confirmed her engagement to Kevin Sexton earlier this week with the most romantic Instagram snap.

The GAA star shared a photo of her engagement ring placed in a red rose. She captioned the snap of the beautiful bouquet, “The easiest yes…”Yes a thousand times” xxx”

The sportswoman may be on cloud nine, but her initial reaction to the engagement wasn’t your typical response. There was no jumping up and down and tears when Kevin got down on one knee.


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She admitted she thought Kevin had somehow managed to injure himself during their stroll. She told Ryan Tubridy: “We went for a walk, it was very simple. I was in my runners and my leggings and my trenchcoat.”

“And then all of a sudden, I was like 'Oh my god he's had three knee operations, his knee's after going! What's after happening?' and I found that he's down on one knee,” the Dancing With The Stars contestant revealed.


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The Cork native said the moment was so surreal she can barely remember it: “And sure I don't remember anything else, it was a blur because he was saying what he was saying and I was going 'Oh my god oh my god oh my god'."

The All-Ireland champion was so stunned by the gesture she even asked Kevin, “'What are you doing?!'”


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"So that was fierce romantic out of me. But it was fab,” the 30-year-old said.

Could Anna’s reaction be any more Irish? Huge congratulations to the happy couple.



These days there are thousands of apps for meeting someone special, but when you think of it, there's no apps for when you're actually in a relationship.

Well, until now. Happy Couple has been created so people in relationships can learn a bit more about their significant other. It has also been hailed on social media for 'saving' relationships that are turning sour.

The app contains over 1,200 quizzes, with questions like "What are so-and-so's feelings about monogamy?" and "How does so-and-so keep track of tasks?"

At the end of each quiz, the app will account for all of your answers and will then proceed to tell you if you and your beau are the perfect match.

It also gives conversation topics AND a game that will reward you for getting an answer right about your partner… What?

Now, we think that no app can ever tell if you and your partner are perfect for each other, and as for 'saving' your relationship? If you need an app, the relationship is probably not working out.

But then again, some of the questions could be fun to answer – just don't take everything too seriously, if you get an answer wrong, it won't be the end of your relationship.