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It's not exactly the most pleasant thing to talk about but in reality our hair falls out every day.

Whether it's on our hair brush, down the drain in the shower or even on our pillows when we wake up – it is a completely normal and daily activity. 

But with all the various things we put our hair through (dying it, straightening, curling… the list is endless), how do we really know when it's too much?

And should we be worried?

We all want gorgeous, healthy and strong locks so it's no wonder we worry about these things.

We gathered some information for you all from dermatologist, Dr. Francesca Fusco who spoke to Harper's Bazaar about what is the normal amount of hair to lose on a daily basis.

"Losing between 50 to 100 hairs per day is normal", she told the magazine.

"That can look different to everyone and depending on how long your hair is, it can look like a scary amount," she said, adding that the most shedding occurs in autumn.

"It's an evolutionary adaptation to keep more hair on your head in the summer months to shield from the sun, so it can look excessive when it falls out starting late August or early September." 

If you are still unsure though, we have a handy tip for you to use: 

All you need to do to check if your hair loss is something to be concerned about is to examine the strand: "You should see a little white bulb on the end which indicates that it's a telogen hair, meaning it was ready to fall out and there's a new hair coming out of the follicle behind it."



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