Ashley Graham recently revealed a surprising detail about her and her husband’s relationship.

Appearing on Gwyenth Paltrow’s podcast Goop, the model said she waited to have sex with her hubby until after they were married.

Her strong decision came after a terrible relationship in her 20s that was “mentally, physically, and emotionally abusive.”

“I hid our relationship for a year, so it was two years of agony, but I had myself in it because I didn't know my worth," Ashley explained.


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"I knew that I was a stronger woman for breaking up with him, and in feeling stronger for breaking up with him I was like, 'What is it that I need to do to change myself so I don't get back into that situation?'" she continued in the podcast.

Unfortunately, many women experience horrible relationships on their way to finding the right guy or gal. And when we’re young, it is so easy to be swayed by a partner's promises and hold every word they say as truth.

But thankfully, Ashley was able to find her strength and end her toxic relationship, and she went on to reveal what she thought was behind these failed relationships.


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"In that 'aha' moment, I was like, my problem is I keep giving it up too soon, I keep having sex too soon with these guys.

“I grew up very Christian, and in that I realised I'm giving up my power to each of these guys and I'm letting them control me, not constantly control me in every action, but they have a certain control over me," she told Gwyenth.

Ashley realised, that for her, sex was a power thing and the guys she dated took advantage of that.

So, when she met her husband Justin, she stuck to this mindset and he didn’t seem to have a problem at all with her no-sex rule.


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The two met at her church where she was volunteering as an “elevator lady” and have been inseparable ever since.

“And he and I did not break my rule, and his rule as well, because I didn't know that he was also trying to wait until he was married to have sex as well."

Her love story moved Gwyenth to tears as she opened up about past hurts and present happiness.

Wow, power to you, Ashley! That takes some strength and major willpower!