We are not gonna lie. We love a bit of Strictly Come Dancing

From the sparkly outfits to our favourite dances (which is the jive obvs), we literally love it all. We even love Craig's resting bitch face.

But behind all the glitz and glamour, Strictly has faced quite a barrage of controversy this year which is quite surprising considering the squeaky clean front put on by the beloved BB1 show. 

So is Strictly as innocent as it makes out? Or has it fallen into the over produced traps of so many hit talent shows in the past? (we're looking at you, X Factor). Let's investigate. 

1) Ola Jordan's recent claims 

Given that the judges scores are added to the publics vote, that score is pretty influential in terms of deciding which contestants stay in the competition. 

One of the shows long standing professional dancers, Ola Jordan, recently made quite a number of surprising claims about the nature of the show and how the judges score. 

"Some of the marking is way off. People are over-marked and under-marked. All the pros talk about the marking. We ask each other, 'What is all that about? Why are they trying to over-mark that person?' " 

It would seem that the comments did not go down very well, as Ola announced her retirement from the show a week later. Yikes! 

2) Bias towards certain contestants 

Olympic boxer Anthony Ogogo slammed the BBC after he was voted out in the second week of the competition. 

Anthony claimed that he knew he would not get very far in the competition because he was not a "BBC face" like fellow contestant and journalist, Jeremy Vine. 

Ola Jordan's husband and former strictly dancer, James Jordan also claimed that the show tended to give bias in favour of certain contestants when his wife was voted out in week one.

In a tweet, James said: "I love Peter [Andre] but I wonder if he will open or close every show? Fairness."

Do these guys have a point or are they simply sore losers? 

3) Outspoken Jamelia has a go 

​Jamelia is renowned for being honest and outspoken and she certainly did not disappoint when she left the competition this week after a dance off with Peter Andre.

On the Strictly spin off show It Takes Two, Jamelia claimed she knew she was going home when the producers reportedly RE-RECORDED the end Peter Andre's dance so that it would appear the crowd gave him a standing ovation. 

Despite the dance receiving negative feedback from the judges, Peter was then indeed saved. Watch the awkward moment here. 

While we don't want to believe that anything untoward is happening on our favourite show, all the controversy probably only makes us want to watch it even more.