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As daughter to rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, it is no surprise that Kelly Osbourne has a few tattoos on her body.

However, The Fashion Police star admitted as far back as 2010 that she no longer wanted ink all over her body and as she undergoes her third tattoo removal session she tries to warn people off  getting them.

Kelly wrote on her blog: “As humans we fill our conscience with clichés to selfishly justify the ridiculous things we do in life… Such as getting stupid tattoos.”

She added: “I have now undergone my third laser tattoo removal. All day I have found myself saying ‘no pain no gain’ or ‘pain is beauty!’ however the bigger lesson I have taken away from this horrendously painful experience is THINK BEFORE YOU INK!…

The 29-year-old has undergone a fairly subtle transformation from the girl we all knew on The Osbournes to a sophisticated woman and her tattoos clearly don’t go with her new look.




When Lupita Nyong’o, walked down the carpet at the Oscars 2014, she wowed the crowd with her beauty.

As always, the 31-year-old looked stunning as she flaunted a beautiful blue gown and lit up the place with her natural glow.

Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about that head band.

Despite her effort to style up her hair, that band really didn’t do her any justice.

It was certainly a miss for us!

We wonder what the Fashion Police would have to say about this.





It looks like someone needs to give Kelly Osbourne a taste of her own medicine.

The Fashion Police host shared an Instagram snap of her ‘fancy’ suite pants, which, may we add, didn’t look so fancy.

She captioned the image: “Already having a #FashionNightmare I did a high kick and split my suite pants!!!! #DragRace.”

For someone who judges others based on their fashion, the 29-year-old TV presenter isn’t really doing herself any favors here.

To make matters worse, this is the second time her zip broke in the last couple of weeks.  She also had a bit of a fashion drama with her zip at the Golden Globes this year.

Oh Kelly, being on the other side of the fence isn’t a good feeling now is it?