You know those times when you’re stuck for some beach-wear fashion inspiration, and you think ‘why don’t I just make my own out of these old CDs I have lying around?’

Don’t do it. Because someone already has and it is not a good look.

A new Pinterest board dedicated to some of the most hilarious bikini fails we have ever seen is making us laugh out loud, and also cringe. A lot.

Jodi Warnick created the page of 17 pins that shares some of the greatest swimwear fails of all time. We managed to pull ourselves together enough to round up some of the best from the page.

Enjoy- if you can. 


This lady has got serious recycling game.



Owning it.



She seems like a handul.


Fresh and fearless.


Borat? Is that you?


This guy doesn't care for your hate. He's chill AF.


Spectacular, really.


Suddenly not feeling so hungry.

A real lesson in swimwear fashion. You're welcome.